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Performance Enhancing Device Scandal Mars World Hacking Championships

May 10, 2023

CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD - The World Hacking Championships (WHC), a dark web spectacle where the world's most notorious hackers pit their skills against each other, has been rocked by a performance enhancing device scandal. Several competitors have been found using a device, known as the "HyperTyper," which reportedly amplifies typing speed by an extraordinary 400-500%.

The WHC is the ultimate annual competition in the underworld of computer hacking. The best hackers from around the world are said to vie for access to the coveted hacking tool “Imperator” as well as the title of World Champion. Imperator is said to be the most powerful hacking tool on the planet. Developed by unknown developers, and driven by powerful Artificial Intelligence, it is said to grant the user unlimited and undetectable access into even the most secure systems run by large corporations and nation-state governments. With the stakes being so high, the temptation to cheat overcame some users during this year’s Championships.

The HyperTyper (pictured) is a physical modification that effectively turns each finger of the user into an entire hand, consisting of independent fingers that can be used to enhance typing speed. Users essentially have access to 50 fingers while typing compared to the standard 10 available to those not using the device. The device was discovered following an anonymous leak from saber metric analysts showing that actions per minute (APM) of some competitors were 4 or 5 times greater than the historical WHC average of around 400.

WHC authorities immediately investigated the suspicious findings, and it was at this point that several instances of the HyperTyper device were discovered. The implicated hackers now exposed to their peers, face significant backlash.

As the news spread, the reaction within the underground hacking community was mixed. While some hackers voiced concerns about the unfair advantage and the 'rules of the game' being broken, others believe the device to be irrelevant because the defending World Champion and current tournament leader ‘Hacker known as 4 Chan’ was not among those implicated. “Doesn’t matter. None of them were gonna win anyway,” explained our hacking insider xHxHxAOD who participates in the WHC every year for networking opportunities.

Still, many inside the hacking community are calling for additional security measures in the future to prevent this from happening again. This is even though the Hacker known as 4 Chan has won the WHC every year since its inception. His access to “Imperator” is suspected to be behind many high profile security breaches, including in 2014 when many celebrities had their Apple accounts compromised which lead to their private and intimate pictures being leaked to the internet.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide timely updates as more information is made available.


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